From conception to production, Laundry Perfumes is changing the way perfumes and colognes are created and delivered. We offer a complete turnkey solution to start your own perfume and product line. We are USA based and we create natural fine fragrances with niche quality packaging.

Our Products & Your Brand

We created laundry perfumes as an extra special gift for a select few of our clientele.  Over the years and due to it’s increased demand; we’ve launched a new division LP, LaundryPerfumes, specializing in manufacturing laundry perfumes, fabric softeners, perfumed lotions, candles, spritz’s, and many more specialty items to allow everyone the opportunity to experience.

We are Innosol, Inc & we create perfume formulas and stable products – no shaking required. If you are interested in licensing our LP product line and sell a stable highly dosed laundry perfume wash or lotion or rollerball or ? from your store or through Amazon, we can help. We are the only perfume house that sells scalable, production ready, perfumer perfected, manufactured products, today.

If you would like to carry the most stable “shake free” products from a U.S. Fragrance & Flavor creator, using your brand on the label, we want to hear from you.

We are Innosol, Inc. and we are committed to building a foundation of safety, renewability, low carbon, loyalty and transparency, so that you can expand your offering, sell into new markets, and systematically expand sales, please contact us today. You really don’t need to be a diva to sell your own brand of glam type wash. We help you sell glam type wash under your brand, making customers loyal to you..

Have you been dreaming of selling your own Store Brand of perfume infused laundry detergent so customers must come back to your store…

We help companies kick start their business & brand by manufacturing proven (perfumed) products with proven sales results. We call these White Label Products. Selling White Label products is the most profitable e-commerce business model & we’re the leaders in creating perfume & infusing into personal care products, like glamorous type wash. Many people have never heard of White Label Products.

What are White Label Products & How does this work?

(1) White label products are made by one company and packaged and sold by other companies under various brand names. Please call us to try our 5 best selling perfume infused glamorous type detergents, lotions, spritz’s matching current wham/glam/bam products plus we offer 15 unique perfumes to spice things up. Want to put your logo & Brand on the bottle? Yes, you can. We blend, fill, package, label (yours or ours), and ship to you or Amazon. We can package everything from 4oz containers to 1 gallon containers. Turnaround time: 10 Business Days.

Here are the steps & how it works:

  • 1. Choose your scent. Your vision & scent are brought to life by our master perfumer and in house graphic artist, and we work until you’re satisfied that we have achieved your brand goals.
  • 2. A container size is selected, next comes the label & your brand design. Our artists design and create the ideal package for your brand based on your vision.
  • 3. We turnkey the rest. We pour, label, package, & ship product to you or Amazon from one of our facilities in Houston, or New York. 


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