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Laundry Perfumes = Perfumes Infused in detergent

About US: From conception to production, Laundry Perfumes, is changing the way perfumes and colognes are created and delivered.

We don’t plan for the future, we formulate it. Our fragrance division has partnered with some of the worlds most sought after brands to ignite their commercial dreams. All under one roof, we conceptualize, design, and produce fragrant jaw-dropping perfumes infused within products with limitless potential.

We created laundry perfumes as an extra special gift for a select few of our clientele.  Over the years and due to it’s increased demand; we’ve launched a new division LP, LaundryPerfumes, specializing in manufacturing laundry perfumes, fabric softeners, perfumed lotions, candles, spritz’s, and many more specialty items to allow everyone the opportunity to experience.

You would never know our age unless we told you.  We have 80+ years under our belt, but we surely don’t act our age. Our company cultivates wonder, creativity and youthful optimism. Founded in 1936 by serial entrepreneur Joseph Soileau, our mission of innovation and excellence has been accelerated by our commitment to our valued customers, our employees, and our leadership team allowing our business to thrive.   

In the beginning, we manufactured swanky perfumes & colognes. We quickly created 1,000 then 2,000 formulas and continued growing. Laundry perfumes – Acutal Perfumes Infused in detergent was first created in the 1950’s. Flash forward to today where we’ve currently created over 20,000 perfumes and colognes and counting.

As a privately held, family owned business, we have the privilege and commitment to focus on long-term profitable growth. Family leadership also ensures long-term continuity and consistent adherence to our core values.

We thrive on a culture of freedom and engaging challenges with no boundaries and limitless opportunities.


We’re control freaks – So, you don’t have to be. We do it all here in our Houston, Texas headquarters. We combine the industry’s best perfumers, formulators, engineers, compounders, product designers, and assemblers. A unique production system overcomes the inflexibility of traditional automation and leapfrogs productivity of outdated manual methods. 20,000 square feet of R&D and production in the U.S. provides the fastest, most flexible R&D and production system in the industry.


How does it work? We infuse our exclusive perfumes and colognes into gentle plant based agents made from coconuts & palm oil to naturally clean and provide an everlasting scent.

Laundry Perfumes, Our customers tell us:

I’m addicted to this laundry perfume! The scent lasts in my linen closet for months, and on my bed sheet for up to 10 days. The scent takes over my entire house and when friends come over they always ask me how my home can smell so good all the time.

This must be what Heaven smells like.

When I run out of product, I get really sad… This is the most amazing laundry detergent I’ve ever used and I truly miss the smell of my sheets when traveling.

I’m in sales and get this question a lot. What is that amazing perfume you are wearing? They always laugh when I tell them I don’t wear perfume because of my allergies, you are just catching a whiff of my laundry detergent.

I find myself pouring Laundry Perfumes addictive wash in my potties before guests arrive, as it eliminates all bathroom odors throughout the evening.


We have a graphics artist on hand that will take your logo and make an amazing label to keep customers coming back to your store. Please ask us about our toll blending services:  We blend, fill, package, label (yours or ours), and ship to you or Amazon. We can package everything from 4oz containers to 550 gallon totes. Turnaround time: 10 Business Days


Have a question about our products or about our site?  We’re here to help!  Please give us a call at 281-859-4428 or send us an email to


Please send us and email or give us a call at 281-859-4428. It would be great if you would leave us some info about you and what you are looking to do and we will get back with you ASAP.  We’re looking forward to your call & working with you! 

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