A bottle of timeless, legendary perfume is infused into the finest laundry detergent in a sustainable manner to explore and expand the power of fragrance for an intimate glamorous experience.

Our signature fragrance, French Laundry, is breathtaking. “Aroma Description: Innocence intersects indulgence with openings that capture the classic perfection of exotic fruits and florals. The ripe flesh of amber falls into the chocolate liqueur is shiny with the naughty touch of peppery wooden notes.”

We are also excited to share that we will be releasing twenty new perfumes for infusion in early 2023. Great Britain, Dragon Fruit, & Red Delicious Apple are sure to please.

From conception to production, Laundry Perfumes is changing the way perfumes and colognes are created and delivered. We are headquartered in in Houston, Texas and we create natural fine fragrances with niche quality packaging.

Our Products

We created laundry perfumes as an extra special gift for a select few of our clientele.  Over the years and due to it’s increased demand; we’ve launched a new division LP, LaundryPerfumes, specializing in manufacturing laundry perfumes, fabric softeners, perfumed lotions, candles, spritz’s, and many more specialty items to allow everyone the opportunity to experience.

We are Innosol, Inc & we create perfume formulas and stable products – no shaking required.


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